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    Hire a Handyman to install a Kitchen Floor that will stand tall for years

    Hire a Handyman to install a Kitchen Floor
    that will stand tall for years

    A kitchen floor suffers a lot. It has to handle the incessant gallivant of family members, the constant heat from the cooking and the frequent spills. And, it has to do everything while maintaining its sheen and beauty. Well, being in the cooking area can definitely take a toll on the kitchen flooring. Not every material is built to stand tall as a kitchen floor. And, soon, you may end up with cracked, damaged flooring and in need of a new one.

    Installing a New Kitchen Flooring: A Helpful Guide


    A. Choosing a Durable Material

    When it comes to replacing the kitchen floor, a hasty decision often turns out to be wrong. It is not a project that you can finish quickly. Learn about durable materials that prove to be great for a kitchen floor:

    • Ceramic Tiles - Easy to clean, simple to maintain, ceramic tiles are one of the common options for kitchen flooring. They are difficult to crack and can resist heat easily.

    • Concrete Kitchen Floor - Concrete is difficult to crack. It stays the same for several years. And, repairing a concrete floor is very easy. But, it is essential to seal the concrete as it is impervious in nature.

    • Hardwood Floor - The material looks very classy and gives an elegant finish to the kitchen. But, you have to maintain it and seal the surface properly with polyurethane finish. If you don’t, it will absorb liquid and leave stains.

    • Linoleum Floor - A bio-degradable material created from linseed oil, linoleum is a great option because of its low-maintenance features. It can stand against staining and can last long for years.

    • Natural Stone Kitchen Flooring - You must avoid marble because it is very soft and prone to stains. It is best to go for natural materials such as slate and granite. But, remember you will have to seal them properly to avoid water absorption.

    • Vinyl Flooring - A new kitchen flooring material, vinyl can be ideal for someone who cooks regularly. It is resilient to stains and doesn’t rip easily. It is simple to clean as well.


    B. Need of an Expert Handyman

    Removing the damaged kitchen flooring is not a DIY job. You will need to rent tools such as hammer, pry bar, chisel, etc. to remove the underlayment. Once you uproot the old floor carefully, you will have to clean the sub-floor surface. It may require use of chemicals because you will have to remove mold properly. It is a time-consuming and labor-intensive job. And, it is just the beginning!

    After the sub-floor surface is clean, you will have to work hard on installing the new kitchen floors. Now, every material has a different installation technique. So, you will have to learn tricks related to installing the chosen material. It is important that you hire a reputed handyman who is expert at replacing kitchen flooring. He will be able to deal with the problem at hand easily. And, with a team of fellow handymen, he will deliver you a beautiful and long-lasting kitchen floor in no time. So, why spend time in managing the tricky business of installing kitchen flooring? It is smart to hire a handyman to do the work for you.


    Installing kitchen floors or renovating the kitchen, Perfect Handyman is up for every home improvement task! Toronto’s reputed handyman offers a comprehensive list of services including carpentry, painting, furniture assembly and more. Get in touch with the expert today!



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